Terms and Conditions


Humpday Sale is a weekly sale that takes place every Wednesday, opening from Tuesday at midnight SLT to Wednesday midnight SLT. The event runs for a duration of 24 hours and items are only required to be displayed for purchase during that time frame. Items are to be set for a sale price of 69 Lindens each, nothing more, nothing less.

                Items participating in the event are required to be either, new, old, recolored or retextured. They may only be featured in this event one time and never reused for future Humpday Sale rounds. After the event, the items may be sold at a higher price or retired to never be sold again. This is completely up to the discretion of the store owners and not up to the Humpday Sale Staff.

                Designers who are a part of the Humpday Sale are not required to participate every week. Some may participate more than others. This is completely up to them. A full list of designers can be found on the official website in the Designers section.

                Demos are also something that is not required of the designers to have available. If they choose to have them with their sale item, that is completely up to their discretion. If one is not available and you are looking for one, please contact the designer directly for assistance.        

Frequently Asked Questions